Strange symbols have appeared after driver update

rotating arrows on grey square bottom right corner each window, then click on ‘top’ and it becomes a ‘pause’ icon.
I have installed Nvidia CUDA toolset 10.1 and it also updates video driver to 418.96 from 372.9 .
Also installed Agisoft Photoscan and activated it, and freebies meshlab meshnixer AliceVisionMeshroom and blender. rebooted Pc since.
launched Rhino3D v5 and saw these strange symbols never seen before. clicked new file and got a file I had opened earlier ! layer panel opened about half a sec after main window,. again relaunched rhino V5 and again same.

before I yet again reinstall my PC backup undoing an entire days installs and worry what I do next, is there a logical explanation for these symbols as I have not to my knowledge done anything to show them. All I have done today is import a mesh and use Orient command. Why did Rhino show a model when I clicked on the file new white page icon ?


If I recall correctly those are from the GeForce Experience software. I think the feature is for ShadowPlay. Disable that (or even better, get rid of the entire GeForce Experience bloatware).

Nathan, awesome…thanks v much, uninstalled that ‘experience’ saw the words shadowplay get sucked out with it,

and those ‘things’ are gone.

why the heck do Nvidia have to do that ?

install one thing and something else gets messed up.

Now no need to reinstate backup a 4th time.

Many thanks again


The nVidia GeForce cards are intended and optimized for Gaming.
I think these tools are perhaps useful for interactive gaming.

I thought gaming used just perspective viewport. maybe they are for any viewport. Trouble is what else might it have been doing, like insisting new showed me a ‘non new’ situation !


Windows gaming is based on DirectX.
Rhino uses OpenGL.
The GeForce cards do a good job on OpenGL (arguably great when you factor in the price), but the nVidia Quadro line of cards are generally better for Rhino as they are intended for OpenGL.

ShadowPlay is for creating recordings of game sessions: