Fur, Hair, Grass vs. Renders

Hi, all! In my retirement, I finally have the time to learn and use Rhino3D. And…I instantly have questions, primarily relating to rendering engines. I’ve searched the forum for renderer recommendations. So far, I’ve downloaded Flamingo and Vray demos. But I’m just getting confused. Here are my questions:

  1. I’ll have the need for rendering fur, grass, etc. For example, the first project has a relatively close-up view of a cat, and I want to render its fur. Ideally, I’d like to be able to adjust the length, the lie, the patchiness. What renderer(s) would you recommend for this? I’d prefer to do everything in McNeel software, but the galleries imply that their renderers don’t necessarily handle fur/hair/grass.

  2. Can Rhino models be used in DAZ3D? It appears to have plugins for hair, fur, and grass. Does anyone have any experience with this package?

  3. From the forum, I see someone whose username is “Holo” has created something called “Grass for Rhino,” and there was a packages called FurGen. But, I can’t find “Grass for Rhino” (although I intend to PM the author) in on the Food4Rhino site, and the FurGen site appears to be unavailable. Are these still around?

  4. There used to be a package called “Deep Paint” for painting textures to a 3D model. Is this done any longer, or is there a better way?

OK, that’s where I am at the moment. Thanks, in advance, for any help and suggestions you can offer.

Rhino Render has nothing like fur.
I recall hearing about about other third-party rendering tools with fur like materials.
Hopefully one of the Rendering Gurus will see this.

I changed the category to Rendering

Flamingo groundcover makes realistic grass. Stand-alone Octane makes good hair and fur. Grasshopper may be suitable for hair and fur. Octane grass: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDx2jsqf2wE

Thanks, John.

I appreciate the comments. Octane LOOKS like it might fit the bill. I’ll try the demo, tomorrow.

Hopefully, other forum members might be able to comment on questions 2 & 4.

Thanks, again.