Vray 3 Fur in Rhino

Hi there, I used V-Ray 3.40.02 for Rhino 5 trial and the Fur plugin seems to always render in white.
I applied vray fur to a plane with vray green material. Any idea why it behaves so. I used a similar process in Sketchup and it renders fine.


Hi Bom, did you ask at the chaos group forum first?

Hello laborda,
Thanks for your quick reply. No, I haven’t posted my question in your above mentioned forum yet, although I will. I’ve been trying to figure out some issues specific to vray 3 for Rhino and being a user transitioning from Sketchup to Rhino, I’ve found some. For example, caustics also do not work, yet surprisingly it does in Vray 3 for Sketchup. I’m trying to figure out where the problem is: Rhino or Vray.

Thanks again.

Hello laborda,
I finally solved it. It seems Vray creates a small representative plane for the surface on which vray fur has been applied. If I had a large area for example grass, this representation is tiny enough to miss it. I additionally applied material to this representation and it finally works!
Its explained well in https://flyingarchitecture.com/tutorials/v-ray-3-for-rhino-v-ray-fur-for-grass

Thanks a lot.

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At first, that confused me, too. However, I think you can select the placeholder geometry directly from the V-ray panel.

By having the widget object you can apply the fur to more than one rhino object. You can also apply two different furs to the same object. An example would be a long grass and short grass, or even two different colors of grass.

You can even link / unlink the fur widget from the rhino object with the buttons from in the properties dialog as seen in the bottom of the documentation.


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Interesting, that would definitely make it possible to compose your scene in a more flexible way. Thanks a lot.