Frozen Loading Screen

Whenever I try to open up Rhino 7 it crashes on the loading screen. Attached is a screenshot of the frozen screen. I have reinstalled it multiple times. I have removed all plugins that are not a part of the program, and my graphic drivers are up to date. Does anyone know another solution?

It looks like at least enscape and rhino vault are still installed as 3rd party plugins. Start rhino in safe mode, open the plug in manager and disable all plugins that do not ship with rhino. Then restart rhino and see if you can get past the splash screen.

Sorry that screenshot was taken before I disabled the plugin.

The above is what it currently shows. No messages , no loading bar at the bottom, just the loading icon.

Hi George - hmmm - RhinoVault is showing a menu still - have you been able to open Rhino in safe mode? If so can you show a screen shot of Options > Plug-ins page, filtered for ‘Disabled plug-ins’?