Text Error

I am having trouble with editing texts. We have several computers on a server that access the same files but for some reason a couple of the computers have issues with editing the texts. We all have the same fonts installed but if we try to change the text, it changes to a different font. We were able to deselect, unitalicize the text and it switched back to the original front. Some of the times it would freeze the text as the new font but the properties would show as the old font. We are using Segoe UI Semibold. The first picture shows how we have it, the second shows how it shows up after editing the text and the third shows the properties after you deselect and reselect the text.

Hello- can you run SystemInfo in Rhino on a machine that works as expected and one that does not, and post that informatiion?




Hello - Good is an older build, bad is current; good does not have RhinoTerrain loadinng and bad does… I would try blocking RhinoTerrain, close and restart Rhino and see if that makes any difference. If not, please post a file here or send to tech@mcneel.com if it is confidential.


I don’t think Rhino Terrain is the issue because we have the same problem on another computer that doesn’t have Terrain installed And a computer that has Terrain and it works. But I will try.