Free-shaped facade panels


My aim is to create facade panels which are going around the building. I have already done rectangular panels but I want that the outer side of the panels would be round and free shaped.

In the picture you can see how I have done the facade panels and also the surface which I want to be the border that cuts the facade panels (to get the round and free shaped outfit). The problem is that I haven’t managed to cut (or boolean, trim etc.) with the surface.

I know that there many similar tutorials in youtube but almost all of them are facade panels just in just one straight wall and i want that the facade panels goes around the building and walls can also be curved. That make this little bit trickier…

It’s also possible that this is not the easiest way to do this, so I’m glad to hear easier way to do this.

I also found this youtube video:

where are used parametric profiles in these facades panels. This is mainly the outfit what I also want to create but unfortunately I haven’t found tutorial about this… If anyone know a tutorial or can help how to do this, I would appreciate it very much.

Here’s also screenshot from video: (13.3 KB) 20200127.3dm (193.3 KB) (23.1 KB)

Thank you!

However, does anyone know more about these parametric profiles which are used in the video and in the screenshot? Or any tutorial about it?

Core process of those parametric profiles is handled by GH, not by Archicad.
There could be several approaches on this. For example you can manipulate division points of base planar curves. Apply some sine function (keep it periodic i.e. seamless) to Z coordinates only, since it has straight outlines. Do it couple of times for variety of elevated curves. Pull back some control points on 45/-45 degrees vectors on local planes. With some minor tweaks join those points in single polyline as a profile et voila you have all needed sections.
You can as well tweak those curves manually in RH as they mentioned in video. Baring in mind that XY coordinates remain intact.
As i wrote at the beginning, one of several ways of doing it…