Need Help for paneling using circle normals

Hi everyone,

Could someone help me find the solution to my issue, I am trying to create a facade with panels while following the normals of a circle.

The code works as expected when I use the facade normals, but wanting them to follow the circle ones, the panels no longer touch each other.

Here is the code below,

If a kind soul could help me I will be very grateful.

Thank you verymuch,


KevinFacade (34.5 KB)

check this method

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Hi Rajeev,

Thank you for your time, I tried using your method, but didnt manage to get the same result as you,

Moreover, it seems that the plane through space component is cuting the panels according to the loft normals.

Check this as well.

Facade (48.7 KB)


Hi Hs_Kim,

This is great Thank you, I don’t know if it is clear enough, is it possible to get the normals as on this image in blue?


You can create vectors fr facade division points and arc center using Vector 2Pt.

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Should I rotate the plane though shape with the vector 2pt?

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Hi Rajeev, this is excellent, can you share your script so I can understand better how to achieve this? Thank you

Facade (40.6 KB)

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Thank you so much! this seems to be the solution, last question, do you know why I can’t convert the curve into a plane?

actually the method what u adopt is not the right one
when u move the exploded line in slop they maintain the same length so u find the gap between the panels so i changed move the single line and then split it so it should solve the issue

converting curve to plane i dont know !

oh okay, Thank you for your help Rajeev,

Have a nice day!