Splitting curved surface with lines

Hi everyone,
I am trying to find an efficient way to get the total panels of my facade, being curved at the corners it’s a little more challenging, I have all the basic lines but I still cannot find a good way to panelize my surface according to those vertical and horizontal lines.
Any help is welcomed


Splitting panels with lines.gh (29.9 KB)

I think you forgot internalize your data.
Plus you re using starfish and toolbox? Are those really useful in this case?

Surface Split should work as expected…

Splitting panels with lines_re.gh (43.0 KB)

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Thank you Antoine!

literally did nothing… anyway, you’re welcome !

You made me think of the solution eheheh
I always find very tricky trimming, splitting issues…
have a wonderful day

Hello HS_Kim, I have a question for you:
what about if I want to scale the panels?
for example following a pattern along the facade, how will the panels located in the curvy part will be scaled?

thank you very much