Free high res 3D scans for download

Here is a link to a new website offering high resolution 3D scans for free without copyright restrictions:

We hope you find them of use.


Thank you, these are fantastic.

nice stuff - but why you are open two threads with the same content?

Hi Threedscans,
These are wonderful! I am using the models for my drawing class, we load a model in rhino and people use them to sketch from.
It’s better than the real model in many cases especially for beginning students because the Rhino viewport has a grid and the students are visually shown what happens to a model’s perspective and lighting as the viewer moves around the model, or the light source changes.
Drawing from the flat/prints of old master drawings 1 to 1 is good drawing training, the student can project the model on the wall and put their paper next to the projection and using academic drawing copy the plaster cast by trying to match what they see.
We couldn’t afford nor be able to store plaster casts where I teach so these are really a wonderful resource for us.
Thanks for sharing,

I found your attitude and comment here so inspirational that I decided to spend some time to set up a “plaster” display mode for you. It uses the cusom light settings and has 5 colored lights in combination with the ambient light to give soft shadows. And a gradient background for a nice atmosphere.

HM3_Plaster.ini (11.2 KB)

It’s heavy on the graphiccard so give it a test to see if it works for you.
(Rhino automatically turns off the shadows to maintain a good FPS, but you can turn them off manually too (displaymode tab) and then it looks like this:

You can also reducemesh the scans so they spin faster.
And set the “Dynamic Redraw” in view settings to 1 fps instead of the default 5.

You can also achieve a nice marbel look by adding a material with a dark gloss finish like this:

Here it is coded into a display mode where it overrides all other material settings for all objects:
HM3_Marbel.ini (11.2 KB)

Hey RM,

So amazing to hear you can use the scans in just a useful and productive way. We’re glad to know the scans are being used in education.

We would love to see the outcomes of some of your students drawings, feel free to email us at with anything you want to share.

All the best,

Thanks so much Holo!
I do need shadows though. Don’t laugh but the rendered viewport with just sun and no ambient light is what I am using now for lighting. I’m using the sight size approach to drawing, so the traditional shadow line on the form the so called (bed bug line) is really important for three dimensional drawing, it’s the exact opposite of todays photo and studio lighting which flattens form and does away with cast shadow, the nearness of tonal values make it harder for the student to attain powerful relief in their drawings and differentiate the light and dark sides of the form.
You can see on this site how the cast is lit with explanations.

I love the look of your display modes, the plaster is awesome, could you help me get one with cast shadows with barely any ambient light in the shadows maybe mimicking the way the cast is lit on the above site. I really appreciate the display modes and help, I’ve used many of your other displays modes you posted, very generous of you. I’ll try as well but you have a great handle on all the settings.
Thanks for your time,

Hi ThreeDScans,

Will do when I have a few nice ones to send. I am so happy you provided this resource for people.
Thanks again,

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I agree that these models are really nice!

Are these on the right track?

HM3_CastDrawing_Hard.ini (10.9 KB)
HM3_CastDrawing_Soft.ini (10.9 KB)

Hi Holo
Yes these are great especially the hard light ini is very useful. I always learn new things from looking at your settings.
Thanks for your expertise and help.

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Any pictures of the students at work with the 3D models on screen would also be amazing.

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Will do,