Looking for RhinoPhoto information

Hey guys,

In my search to find a relatively affordable way of digitizing I have ran across RhinoPhoto. I was hoping to see if anyone out there has used it and what their opinion was. The website wasn’t much help when it came to trying to find reviews. If there are any RhinoPhoto users out there I would greatly appreciate any information you might be able to give me. Thanks in advanced.



Thanks Dale, but I have already talked to the guys at RhinoPhoto and I currently have a request for a quote into them. I was hoping to find someone outside of RhinoPhoto with personal experience with the program and pick their brain a little bit.

I had the demo version of their product and it was so buggy that It was completely unusable. Support was non-existant. I would stay far away from this one.

We ended up purchasing a Leica 3d Disto, and are very happy.


Do you use Leica 3D Disto for digitizing a room, or architecture, as it shows on the website? I need it for digitizing the hull of an older boat built by my company.

We use it mostly for “templating” curved spaces for staircase construction. It would work well for digitizing a boat hull.

I will look into it. Thanks.

If you happen to be in the seattle area I could do a demo for you, or perhaps scan.

Sorry, I am in Roseburg Oregon.

Yep, that’s pretty far. You can probably get a rep to demo for you, or maybe find one for rent. It’s about $8k for the unit, but worth every penny. And pretty cheap compared to the other options out there.

I’m a little late to the party, but you should take a look at PhotoModeler. They have a free demo program using technology from a decade ago and it works OK. To take the photos, use a wide angle lens (around 20mm for a 35mm full frame camera) and do not change the focus. Minor changes in the lens between photos creates a lot of errors.

Also look at PhotoScan and PhotoModeler Scanner. Both are stand alone, not Rhino plug-ins.