Free curve geometry can not be referenced into categories inside revit

Hello Guys,

So I have designed this free form building with elevated base and mainly modelled in grasshopper.
My problem is that I can only reference it as Generic Models with Catgeory names like this.

so this is completely locked, I can not access the families to add the type of flooring I want and same for curtain wall panels.

the error I always get is that the curves are not horizontal or planar.

so I am not sure what the solution for this is. The only thing that seems to work is the column category because it’s just a simple vertical curve.

M3 GF.3dm (6.4 MB)
M3 (56.4 KB)

I have enclosed the the rhino/gh files, they should be opened with rhino.inside and everything should work just fine.

thank you all for your time.

the curve isn’t planar


I know the curves aren’t planar, the slab base of the building is supposed to be elevated at some points to make entry way and then goes down for fixation points on the ground. also the topography is not flat so the base is projected on it.

so my question is if there’s a way to successfully reference these Generic Models as Floors / Slabs etc.

This non-referenced object error here is due to having a null branch.

You can categorize it as a Direct Shape Floor. Is there something else you are trying to achieve? You seem familiar with the Direct Shape Categories.


I have done the same but as you can see it is completely locked inside revit. I can not for example change the type of beam or floor. Unlike the columns I referenced, I can easily edit them and change their type/dimension etc.

You’re adding Column Types, not Direct Shapes. Direct Shapes are dead geometry in Revit for all intensive purposes.

yes and using the same methodolgy when I tried to use these components so that it can work like the columns

it didn’t work because the curves are not planar.

so I am wondering if there’s a solution for this problem, is there any way I can reference floors as floors and slabs as slabs without having to put them as Direct Shapes just because they are not planar.

If you make a Floor in the Revit UI its only going to allow you to draw it in plane. The Rhino.Inside.Revit components are limited to what’s offered by the Revit API.

okay, thanks!

you could do it in two steps -

  1. if you added the floor as a single plane, project the outline onto a plan and create the flat floor (so that revit is happy) you could then 2) modify the subelements of the floor to drop individual points on your floor down to the levels you have in rhino, like this : Modify Floor Subelements (SlabShapeEdit) in GHPython - #3 by eirannejad