Fray mesh naked edge

How can I fray the naked edge of a mesh so that it looks like the 8 when rendered:

Is it better to do this with a material and mask, or can this be done physically? Note that there are holes in the fabric material as the spacing of the thread increases (which probably supports the material and mask route). We can ignore the long threads that are totally coming off- those will be piped curves. Is there a way to soften the edge of a mesh? The randomness of the edge does not have to be exactly the way portrayed? I’m just interested to know if there is a way to affect the naked edge of a mesh specifically.

Is there a way to do UVW unwrap of a mesh, fray the bit map in photoshop, and reapply the frayed bit map?

I think a texture map in the material will be your way out here - setting an alpha channel to mask parts of a plane.


But how do I apply a material precisely on a mesh? How do I get the alpha to line up with the mesh naked edge?

I know some people who work in 3DS Max and they can unwrap a mesh’s bit map, edit the bit map and wrap it back on perfectly. Can this be done in Rhino? I am pretty new to materials and UV mapping. I’ve only really used Rhino for form modelling.

Hi Lawrence - you can unwrap and UV edit, but I think it may be simpler than that - is this thing a planar object? In your image it looks like it… Can you post the object?


I’ve attached an example mesh, this is not exactly the mesh I want to fray (the final may be predominately quads or absolutely random triangles). Ideally, only parts of the naked edge would fray- I’ve marked it. Thanks for your help.

160222 Fray Mesh Example.3dm (73.9 KB)

Well this is using an extremely crude texture map, but I think, in principle, it does what you want… ?

160222 Fray Mesh Example_PG.3dm (213.0 KB)


This is not exactly what I was intending (your model only shows the bottom being frayed). Lets make the problem simpler. How do I fray all naked edges starting an inch in from the edge (so with more control)? Can this be done right in rhino, or can I unwrap the UV map and fray the mask in photoshop and remap? How do I unwrap a bit map and get a image?