Formwork Rhino Revit Model

Can we calculate Formwork in Rhino.Inside.Revit?

Concrete formwork? You want to get the volume? Tell me more.

I work in the Construction industry I have to calculate formwork manually since I learned Revit is easy to take concrete takeoff but not sure how to calculate formwork? I want the surface area of the model like for example I want the sides and the bottom of structural framing bottom area of the slab etc

The simplest way to do that would be to assign a material to the face and do a material takeoff. A lot depends on the geometry, what you are trying to calculate & how much manual you are willing to do on the outliers. There are excellent ways to do takeoffs in Rhino as well, using the Rhino.Inside.Revit.

A simple example of several conditions and desired outcome would make things clear.

what is algorithmic wayto say which side is formworked and which is not? in case of orthogonal objects it is easier but problem can arise when you dont have whole structure merged as one solid so some sides will bou calculated more than once. use grasshopper for this or duplicate all formwoked faces and put them in separate layer

I have tried it but Revit doesn’t allow to split face of structural elements

I have come to same problem. Beams and columns were not adjacent to each other so Boolean operation was failing. What I came to as solution was handling each geometry individually and calculating the correct area rather than creating correct geometry.

I also found a plugin called SOFiSTiK BIM Tools that has a function called “Formwork Areas”. As far as I see it is pretty accurate. You should check it out!

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