Automatic display of line lengths?( Properties > details > "Object properties"

Im a rhino beginner , one mayor feature i miss is automatic display of line measurements.
The only route i know of is ,
to go to properties tab, then click the details to get the seperate window “Object properties”
And then scroll down to read the length of the selected line.

Would it not be much easier to know line lenghts in the bottom bar where the coordinates and gridsnap osnap options are located?

Is there any way or plugin that one can use to automatically display lenghts of selected lines/curves?

a far easier way of finding out the length of a line is to use the “Length” command. Calling it before you make a selection will enable you to pick a subcurve and set the units.

In addition to the Length command, what I do when I need to get the distance between point A and B I run the _Polyline command to start drawing a line from A to B.
I start to click at A than snap to point B.

The statusbar now displays the length of that segment.
However insteat of a LBM click, I click the RMB to cancel the command so no polyline is created.


There is also the Distance command to get a distance between point A and point B… --Mitch

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heh… i use _Line instead of _Distance or _Polyline (or others)… then esc out of it. maybe just a habit that rolled over from using sketchup in a similar way… (though i might try to ingrain willem’s RMB to cancel instead of esc… seems a little faster)

also, i have my tooltip set to show length so i’m constantly seeing current distance at the cursor location.

Yes i have used all these options aswell , im suprised there is not a better solution suggested. Dont you also agree with me that a feature that would automatically display selected curve length on screen would be very helpful and time saving?

Is not exact what you want.
But a little helper for straight distance between two points

Here is plugin with more info’s, i do not know if curve length is displayed…


Great find Eddi! ::smile:
Just installed the bubble plugin. curve / line lengh does display when holding shift. Great!

I guess its as good as it gets :wink:


To show automatic display of length,

File - Properties (Windows)/ Rhino 7 - Preferences (macOS) - Modeling Aids - Cursor Tooltips - Turn On “Distance

It would also be very helpful to have an arc radius display

Hi -
I’ve added this thread to feature request RH-145 Geometry page in Properties