Fologram not working properly on Rhino 8

Hello! This is regarding the fologram plug in for rhino. Firstly, once it is downloaded, it by default picks the latest version of rhino to install even if the specific rhino version was put for download initially. Now, I have RHino 6, 7 and 8 installed and was trying to make fologram work for Rhino 7. Eventually I open it in 8 as it by default installed it there, everything seems to open fine but once fologram in opened within rhino 8, it does not allow me to use the “CONNECT” command as it keeps showing session disconected even before the QR code shows up. Please assist in helping me fix the problem.

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Hi @jeeyasavani
Thanks for getting in touch. We got your support ticket too so I will follow up with you there :slight_smile: