Rhino 8 Version 8 SR4 (8.4.24044.15001, 2024-02-13)

Hello fellow Rhino Mavens,

My team is having serious issues with Rhino 8. We just upgraded as a company and the layering editing keeps severely slowing app and quite often crashs application. I also can not keep layer panel open as I restart application? _layer doesnt work either to open layer panel. Two of our team members had to revert back to Rhino 7 in order to make deadlines. I need to press on with Rhino 8 because we already developed GH tools to help with assemblies. The IT team made sure our Dell machines have been completely updated before I contacted forum.

Any one else having same issues in Rhino 8?

Please reach out!

Thank you!

Hi Rudolf -

Make sure to get on the most recent version of Rhino 8. I’d change the update frequency to “Release Candidates” and get the 8.6 version that was released a few hours ago.

Hello Wim,

Thank you for this insight! Its much appreciated.