[Solved] Bug (?) - Snapshots material assignment not remembered

  1. Create three objects in a new file
  2. Create a material for each object and assign it
  3. Save this a snapshot with a single option (Object>material assignment)
  4. Create a second set of three materials
  5. Assign them to the three objects and save this as a new snapshot (material assignment only)

If you switch back to snapshot 01 and back again to snapshot 02 now no material triangles highlight when objects are selected.

“Select objects” option says "1 doesn’t highlight anything on the viewport

“Show only used materials” shows snapshot01 materials even though we just restored snapshot02

Snapshots-materials.3dm (160.3 KB)

Thanks for the detailed description. I can reproduce this. Created a bug for it RH-64792.

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@lars This bug is shown as fixed and thank you for getting to it so fast, but :slight_smile: there is still a small part of it still lingering.
Switching to snapshot 00 the material triangles no longer highlight on selection and the white triangles stay on the snapshot 01 materials and do not go back to snapshot 00 materials.

Doesn’t matter if it’s Rhino materials or plugin materials
Untitled.3dm (59.2 KB)

Any comments on the remaining issue ?

Which version of Rhino did you use?
This should be fixed in Rhino 7.9. I could not reproduce the bug with the steps I saw in your video but I might have missed something. Please let me know.

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ok. Cool. I’ll download the release candidate and check it out soon.
Was going off of the current stable release: (7.8.21196.5001, 2021-07-15)

Was on the stable release branch. Once downloaded the release candidate 7.9 the issue is gone.

This one is done. Thanks @lars