Foldable stands

Hi everyone,

I am quite new with Grasshopper, so I hope someone can help me out.

For my project I have to create foldable stands, I already have the design but I didn’t succeed to put it in grasshopper.

This is what I have in grasshopper: Folding (15.1 KB)

These are the three stages of the stands in 2d (the drawings at the bottom)

I hope someone has any idea how to put this in 2d in grasshopper.

Help is really highly appreciated! (22.0 KB)

Cosmetic update, with another Rotate added at the end (green): (27.8 KB)

Version ‘2018Feb27b’ (below) has a separate ‘Rotation Angle’ slider for the Rotate (all) added at the end (green). It defines a ramp of panels in their extended position, independent of the “folding angle” that retracts and extends them. (27.1 KB)


Much Thanks!