Rotating objects

I am having issues with this design, and I am not sure why the lower most panel seems to rotate wrong. It seems to be rotating around the upper right corner of the panel, not the left as I have it set to do.

I need it to rotate to fit in the space like the other three panels did. Any help to understanding why this is happening would be wonderful. TIA. (15.1 KB)

Post the definition maybe?

I edited the post to include the grasshopper file. If that helps.

You think? Did you really expect an answer based on the screen shot alone? :man_facepalming:

I’m sorry. I’m not perfect. Why do you read the community guidelines? Especially the part that reads “Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas , not people.”

The idea that people can start a thread without posting a GH file is a common misconception. New folks actually argue about it, thinking a verbal description or image is more than sufficient to understand the “simple” question, but they are deeply wrong! For one thing, they frequently have no clue about what is relevant. There is so much more information in the GH file that is critical to answering a question that nine times out of ten, it’s a total waste of time and/or a long, tedious discussion to try and help without it.

Well I’m glad that has been taking care of. :grinning:

Now on to solving the problem. I have noticed that the panel is mirroring over a y-axis at that point as opposed to rotating.