Focus for typing / cursor over window behavior


I am wondering if there is a possibility to turn off the current behavior that the text input is loosing focus whenever the cursor is moved away from the window one is typing in?

For example, I am using a pen input drawing board, and when I place the pen down to type with two hands, it is hardly possible to keep the cursor over the input-window. It requires a great deal of attention and messes up my workflow a lot… often I type, then realizing everything has gone to the command line instead.

I would prefer to simply click in the viewport in order to make the command pick up keyboard input again.

is that possible? could it be an option?

thank you,

Hi Daniel - just testing quickly here, I do not see this behavior - I can type away while moving my mouse all around the screen - I can even click the mouse elsewhere and typing continues - not sure if this is related -


interesting. thanks for trying

it happens here all the time, also for the layer window(editing names), or any other window/panel that allows text input, like properties.

but outside of rhino it is not a problem, notepad etc. i can type while cursor is outside the application window.

I did connect a mouse and removed the wacom for test but it behaves the same as the tablet.

I remember that Windows 10 had some new and obscure setting when it came out - it may be the one I linked above but it might not - to control focus behavior and some Rhino users had to make a change. I’ll see if I can recall what it was…


thank you , I followed the link above, and although I am on win7x64 the setting exists but was deactivated (hover select window)