Notes Behavior

I use the Notes feature extensively in Rhino for a variety of tasks such as materials info, part numbers, website links, workflow notes, timesheet notes, etc. As such I’m always going back and forth from Rhino to my web browser as I copy/paste text both ways.

When I leave the Notes panel open, every time I click back into Rhino the entire Notes text is all highlighted in blue, so I have to click out of that before I can paste anything into Notes. Is this a bug or a feature? This is just adding unnecessary clicks and for me is undesirable behavior. Why would I ever want to paste something into notes and have it overwrite everything else, every single time I bring Rhino back into focus? Ideally the cursor would just remain in Notes where I left it last.

Hello - I am checking this, thanks.
Yep. I see this…
RH-65292 Notes: Selection when Rhino for Windows gets focus


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While we are talking about notes behavior, try this:

Write a few words in notes…

Now, if notes has focus, and you press the “calc” key to bring up the (very good) Windows 10 calculator, when the calculator is closed, the notes return, but the whole text is highlighted…

If the command line or a view port has focus, the notes disappear, and when the calculator is closed, the focus is within notes, the cursor being at its last position.

If an object (s) is selected when the calculator is opened, when its closed they still remain in their selected state, but notes has focus.

Notes is still pretty much a place holder - ie a blunt instrument awaiting proper development into the clean useful documentation tool it could/should be.

At the very least:

1] have its focus difficulties fixed

2] F5 to time / date stamp, (like windows notepad)

3] basic formatting

4] accept spell check.



Another issue I have with how Notes behaves: On many of my projects I import a lot of 3D models from McMaster Carr for hardware and if you chose the Solidworks format it places 2x instances of the PN in notes. Worse yet, the PN text is butted up right against whatever the last text in notes is, so it combines with previous text. That especially sucks when it combines with another part number and I have no idea where to break them apart to fix the issue.

Of course it should only import a single instance of the PN, but ideally it would always place this in a new line so as not to combine with anything previously typed.

RH-65292 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 29 Release Candidate