Any idea of how to create this pattern?

I’m trying to recreate this pattern and how uniform it is, and I was told by someone whose fairly experienced that I could create it using random reduction, and that it would be simple. But, Im struggling with this… any help would be appreciated.

Within the Academic perspective is simple. In Real-life is very challenging IF the modules are stand alone load bearing items AND/OR you want to do something on quad planarity (or torsion free beams) matters.

Anyway the attached is NOT the real-deal … but let’s say that is “close”. (129.2 KB) SurfaceOrBrepFace_Divide_IntoMesh_V1.3dm (1.6 MB)

Used meshes as result since a Mesh provides more handy (to a novice) connectivity info (topo V, topo E, F trees and the likes).

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Hello Peter,

Thanks for sharing and trying to help. I was able to make some modifications to the script and was able to re-create the photo exactly. Your script looks very interesting and almost achieves something similiar to my first attempt.

Added 2 vars that contol the U/V Domain of random action (see comments). (125.9 KB) SurfaceOrBrepFace_Divide_IntoMesh_V1B.3dm (1.6 MB)

Of course you can add an user option and some lines of code more if you want Surface pieces instead of Mesh Faces (or work with attractor points or attractor curves etc etc etc).

Another approach could be doing the result (case Surfaces) in a flat BrepFace and then use a suitable Morph Method .

Another approach couid be using Short Paths (random “diagonal” layouts so to speak) … but this Method is slower than any Harley Davidson.

Another approach could be doing the random massacre on uneven subdivisions (the C# shown has 6 options):

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