Flushing/Removing Imported Polysrf Meta/Attribute Data

Hi there,

I’m currently working in a workflow where I download .dwg (ACIS Solids) from Revit into Rhino and then export the Rhino file as a .dae (collada) to render in Lumion. I explode the blocks and put them in the layers pertaining to the material for Lumion.

What I’m finding is that the polysrfs I’ve imported from Revit 2019 come with individual “object detail” and/or “attribute data” that is making Lumion read the components (as if their individual blocks), having to apply material to each object instead of everything in one layer. I appreciate this may actually be an issue with how Lumion identifies components when applying material but:

Is there anyway I can remove or flush object descriptions for all the polysrfs in the file?

I have tried exploding, rejoining surfaces, meshing them and the attributes seem to follow the surfaces even after the exploding or meshing of the original polysrf. I would prefer not to have to individually reproduce all the objects in the project as it is a big project and file…

Edit: Lumion Livesync does overcome this problem, but as the project file has been set up before this function was available. It seems like when exporting the collada file, the attribute data is also being exported with it. I have tried exporting “only geometry” and “only geometry+material” but to no avail. This is why I’m trying to flush the object attribute data.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


What happens if you select the various objects and then in Properties, under the Material tab, choose “Use Layer material” from the dropdown (assuming you have assigned a material to the layer)


As you suggest, I have put them under “Use Layer Material” but it has made no difference…