"Flow" component grasshopper strange behaviour


I am trying to compose 3d curve using flow from two planar curves.

When i do it with flow command in rhino i get what i want.

When I use grasshopper i get a curve which does not flow along curve like in rhino.

Bug or feature ? How to obtain same result like with using Flow in Rhino ?

Use the flow components as part of the peacock plugin. Make sure your curves have enough control points also

Lines don’t flow in gh. There is some bug with lines. Use rebuild curve first.

If curve is line (degree =1, ctrl points = 2) then just rebuild it INTO LINE again, with setting {degree =1, ctrl points = 2} and then plug it into FLOW. Strange but it behaves ok after rebuilding Line into Line.

thank you :slight_smile: there are bugs even in the finest software. may pardon