Flowing a texture along a curved surface


What is the best way to make the texture flow along with the curved surface like I have here? I am using Rhino 5 with Vray 3.6.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

For solid wood, you can use box mapping on 4 sides, oriented as the part would be relative to the wood grain, and the faces with the end grain showing extracted and with a different material.

When I do that I get what is shown above, where the grain just goes straight in one direction and doesn’t really curve/flow with the curvature of the material

All the answers here (new video):

Edit: Ops, only now i see that you use Vray, sorry.

// Rolf


Thank you, Rolf, that’s pretty amazing tutorial! Rhino texture mapping works just right in V-ray.

That was insanely helpful and got me exactly the look I needed,

Thank you very much!!