Flowalongsrf HELP

So this is my first post - apologies if I type dumb or whatever. I’m trying to flow a pattern along the center of a half round ring (so basically an extruded circle). If there’s a better way to do this PLEASE let me know.

The pattern is turning out wider than my target surface and it looks a little stretched; I just can’t figure out WHY

Please help!!!

Hello - are you using V5 or V6? Can you please export the pattern, the base and target surfaces and post the file here, I’ll take a look. The basic problem is the command uses the underlying surfaces (turn on control points to see the extents of the underlying surface) and not the trimmed face that you see normally as the surfaces for the flow. ShrinkTrimmedSrf may be enough to clean it up but if not post the file.


Thanks for the reply- I will make an attempt! How do I use shrinktrimmedsrf - or what piece should I be using it on?
Also I’m using Rhino 4.