FlowAlongSrf doesn't work properly! Pls help

I’m trying to flow an object on a surface on the side of a ring. But when i do so it keeps creating a mess that has nothing to do with the surface.

![71284117_373070080269561_2501804220693348352_n|690x388](upload://82hDuT3I8yY6pXAgnostic.3dm (2.0 MB) dl9QqmZ95UrGY.png)

Hi Maimun2002,

It looks like the structure and scale of the base surface and the surface you want to flow on do not match.
You can upload you file with this upload button.
That woud be the best way to let people check and find a solution, because from the images alone it’s hard to tell what exactly is wrong.


Thanks! I’ll upload it in a sec.

The problem is that the surface you flow from is much smaller underlying structure in relation to the 35 piece that the surface you want to flow onto.

Turning on controlpoints reveals that:

First create a surfface from the rectangle with the command PlanarSrf


Next _UntrimAll on the 3D surface

Now FlowAlongSrf again:

Does this help?

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Thanks a lot, it worked as u said.

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