Flowalongsrf command stretching problem

Hi , i did try every possible solution that i knew but it seems like it stretches the pattern on surface no matter what i do with the uv’s , maybe if i rebuild the main surface so uv’s have same distance it works but i didn’t find a way to reach that any idea how to fix the issue ?

test.zip (6.9 MB)

So i had to recreate the target surface by extracting all of v isocurves then rebuild those curves so they have equal ( about 50 ) and even u isocurves for surface and the problem solves ! but i was wondering there isn’t any command in rhino to make the surface uniform

sorry for bringing this up but why no body has any opinion on this ?

FlowAlongSrf isn’t magic. It “maps” objects from one surface to another, of course they’re going to get stretched, it’s literally impossible to not do so. So yes you need to make sure your target surface is evenly parameterized to get predictable results.

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so there isn’t any way to automatically even the iso curves of a surface in rhino ? i should recreate it by hand ?

Rebuild creates a surface with uniform knots, and usually more even distribution of control points and knot lines. But it also changes the shape of the surface. Increasing the number of points in each direction should reduce the difference from the input surface but with additional complexity.


Hi Hamed - an igs file tells us exactly nothing about what you are trying to accomplish…


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Rebuild stretches the pattern i did try it , it seems like rebuilding a curve will only makes a set of uniform knots not a surface … (for surface it keeps the stretchiness of knots)

i believe that images didn’t loaded for you but just by looking at those images you’ll get the idea , the file would’ve been to heavy to upload so i have managed to find a way to reduce the file size , also one piece of pattern is present in the file you can pattern it on that surface and test that out , i have found the answer tho but it wasnt what i have expected