FlowAlongSrf - Deformations

Hello, I have a questions regarding the FlowAlongSrf command. I I have a 3D textured surface that I want to flow along a curved surface. However, the textured surface will be deformed according to the target surface. This deformation can be altered by altering the target surface’s control points.

The solution (I reckon) is to maintain a regular pattern of the control points on the target surface, is there a way to achieve this without altering the points individually? The target surface is obtained using the Rhinoresurf plug-in.

Any tips/hints are appreciated.

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can you post an image or example file?

Hello. I am unable at the moment… I can upload an example on Monday. Imagine that a completely flat and square target surface would highlight control points that are place at the same distance from each other (the edges of the surface). However, if the surface is pulled at one corner, then one control point is “misplaced”. Flowing a 3D object to this surface results in a deformation of the 3D object according to the “misplaced” control point.

I’m wondering if it is possible to minimize this deformation of the 3D object.

Maybe orientonsrf ? There is no deformation but it will place the object on the object. FlowAlongSrf will always “stretch/pull” the object over the object.

Depending on the required accuracy, you can try some tools like RebuildSrf, MoveUVN or Smooth on your target surface or its control points.
There are a lot of options with each of these tools.

HI Ghanimibbe - If I understand the problem, I would make a temporary target surface by rebuilding a copy of the actual one with a good number of points in U and V and degree 3 in both. This will have a nice even UV distribution to act as a target for FlowAlongSrf.


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I have been handling this issue by using Smooth and Rebuild followed by moving individual control points so far.

I will try all your suggestions during the weekend, and will return to you with feedback.