Flow gets weird when using a long object

I want to make this pipe-like geometry (isn’t a simple pipe) along a 3d zig-zag patch with rounded corners. If i use a relatively small length, the result is fairly accurate (see first picture), if i make the initial geometry as long as it should be to cover all the path, i get those aberrations
that seem to be determined by the corners of the path (see second picture).
Any idea why? I tried both the GH Flow component and the Flow command in Rhino and the result is the same. Thank you for your time!

Flow Problem.gh (18.5 KB)

What prevents you from using the Pipe component?

as I said in the initial post, it is not a simple pipe (I am trying to generate a bent rebar shape)

Flow Problem.gh (19.3 KB)

What about Sweep1?

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Thanks, but i need to get to use something like this in the end

LE: I guess I could use two sweeps: one rotating for the spirals and one straight for the side rods