How to stop Flow from affecting object well away from flow line?


I flow each half of pin separately, so decided to chop it as per circled parts.

However after Flow command the part of the pin in this area well away from the flow target curve is also moved.

How do I create a barrier beyond which nothing gets flowed/bent ?

I could split it at the start of the flow line much nearer the tip but if it attacks and re-sites something well back, the chances are it will move the start area so the profiles will not match afterwards and it wont join back up again!

Split Pin V2 isolate bend effect.3dm (326.7 KB)

Is there a reason you don’t sweep that section along the pin profile? Seems from that pic it’s the same section all the way.

the differing pointed ends created when it was straight was one reason I guess.

Flow is the bend command I have to use for metal bending, so I need to know how to only alter solids from where the rail starts.

I see in fact that Flow has altered the angles on the end, even curving one planar facet.
Are there controls to maintain shapes such as this whilst it bends the item ?


I’m still not really sure why you’re trying to use a tool that deforms geometry to achieve a precise result rather using a precise tool (sweep) to achieve a precise result. Those pointy endpoints can be modelled in after the sweep. Seems like a lot of fiddling to get Flow to do exactly what you want when you could just model that shape exactly how you want.