Flow along trimmed surface fail

Hi there,

My problem here is to simply flow along these boxes (blue) onto the trimmed surface (green). However, when I hit enter, the boxes are mapped to the original untrimmed surface (red) which is not desired.

I would love to ask how can I perform this, I will have to keep the same number of boxes regardless if the shape and sizes are deformed, just need to squash them all onto the smaller trimmed surface. Do I need to rebuild the surface or…?
Any help would be much appreciated.


Flow Along Trimmed Srf.3dm (472.3 KB)

Hi Kevin - you’ll need to make a temporary untrimmed surface that matches - or closely enough - the rtimmed shape - that could be a challenge.


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How can I do that without using a line on the original surface to trim/split? I am not sure how to manipulate a surface like that…

Thanks for the reply tho…

Edited the original surface with cageedit command and it is only close to the trimmed result, anyway I guess it worked, thanks Pascal.

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