Flow along surface from smashed surface

flow along surface.3dm (1.8 MB)

trying to get the smashed surface with pattern to flow along the 3 d surface. Is this impossible? t will not let me pick an edge for the base. Is it the wrong type of surface? spent hours trying to get to work! might give up. anyone advise? thanks. robin

flow along surface_02_tp.3dm (2.3 MB)

is this more or less what you are after ?
use the _dir command to flip normal and Reverse Y
make sure that base and target Surface have same U-V-N direction (best: right hand rule )
then _flowAlongSrf should do the job.

to get more precision Base and Target surface need same parametrisation
see help

_rebuild both surfaces with same degree / CV count might help

kind regards -tom

thats amazing hanks.

rookie error i think. I was selecting the whole surface plus cylinders hence wouldnt let me choose a corner. Working now thanks to your help. amazing happy jig here. x