Flow along srf issue

Was wondering why my flow does not meet there is a gap thanks

Can you post a file?

Maybe try autoadjust=Yes?

dear @pschmidt
it would be much easier to help, when you post the file.

you should _unrollUV the cylinder to be used as a basesurface for the _flowAlongSrf command.
also make sure that you use untrimmed surfaces - i am not sure how the command handles flowing from a trimmed to un untrimmed surface.

_untrimAll (for both, the target and base Surface)
any changes ? → this is the reason.

therefor try:
optional: _explode to get a surface not a extrusion (the cylinder)
_unrollUV (the cylinder - result = base-surface)
_scaleNU (for the objects to precisly fit the base surface)

if this works → mark this post as solution.
if this does not work → post your file so

kind regards -tom

Thanks I’ll give it a try I used create uv crv to make the flat srf to flow to …is that not good?..I’ll send a file next time