Flow along surface

hello I am trying to flow this shape along a band surface. note that the band is also convex. I have issues since the shape gets flowed only on one quarter of the band and gets crunched up, it does follow the convex profile though. I also need the shape to connect with itself once flowed so im happy of its gets stretched a bit. any help would be appreciated, thanks!

@Amber_McRowen It is easier to help if a .3dm file with the geometry is attached. You can attach a file by clicking on the vertical arrow icon above where you type your post.

The orientation of the flowed object on the target surface depends on which edge near a corner of the base surface and target surface are selected during FlowAlongSrf. It looks like the shape is being flowed 90 degrees from the desired direction. So change the selected edge near a corner of either the base surface or the target surface.

Make sure in FlowAlongSrf you use Rigid=No though in this instance it looks like you are using Rigid=No but with object being flowed in the wrong direction.