Flow along surface question

I use flow along surface regularly, but I am wondering about whether i can flow this squiggly surface that is very much not the same size or shape onto another surface and have it fit the contours of the new surface. When I have tried to do it the resulting surface is exactly the same as the initial one. I have put leaders in the model to try to explain further. What I am ultimately looking for is a flowing water look. If there is another way to accomplish this I am definitely up for trying that too. I have tried heightfield and that did not give me what I want.
thank you in advance!
flowing water example.3dm (275.7 KB)

Hello - is something like this what you are after?


Hi @pascal, sort of! I want the shape to be squeezed in so that the lines of the wave follow the outer edges of the shape, if that is possible. I attached a drawing!

Ah, OK - loft the two wiggly edge curves if your target surface. Use Rebuild to at least 32 points in the Loft command.
Make a plane under the wavy object.
Flow the waves from the plane to the lofted surface.

Note you’ll need to scale the waves to be much less tall for it to look ‘right’.


Thank you @pascal! That is exactly what I wanted!

One more question @pascal. Is it possible to flow along surface if the surface has holes in it? I rebuild the surface and I can get it to flow but the flowing does not avoid the holes.
thanks! flow along surface with holes.3dm (320.5 KB)

Hello - no - FlowAlongSrf cannot pay attention to holes.


Ok! thanks as always @pascal