FlowAlongSrf alginment

Hi! I’m trying to use the FlowAlongSrf command. My surfaces and original solid are brought in from SolidWorks.

I have a source surface (bottom) and a target surface (top)


I used the ‘dir’ command to make sure both surface are aligned.

I have an object to flow along surface:


When I use the FlowAlongSrf the object flows, but the new object doesn’t match the outline of the new surface. The object, source and target all have 4 sides, I expected the result to extend to the edges of the target surface, just as it matches the edges of the source surface. The red arrows below show where the flowed object does not match the requested target surface.


Thanks for the help!

Hello- the lower surface is trimmed and the underlying surface extends past the trims - depending on which exact version you have, (there has been a bit of UI churn in this command lately in V6) the flow may attempt to compensate, but if the trims are arbitrary - i.e. not on isocurves, then there will be a discrepancy - the object does not extend to the edges of the untrimmed base surface. If you post a file with the objects I can take a look.


Hrm, sounds reasonable. Thank you for taking a look.

I have this version: Version 6 (6.4.18130.19341, 2018-05-10)

silicon reshape and mold.3dm (548.8 KB)

Hello - see the attached file, this might be what you need- silicon reshape and mold_Maybe.3dm (586.8 KB)

  1. Extract the wireframe from the target surface.(ExtractWireframe) and group for convenience.
  2. Rebuild the base surface with lots of points, degree 3 is fine.
  3. Patch the extracted wireframe but choose ‘Select starting surface’ in Patch, and select the rebuilt surface. Pull = 0’ Delete input’ un-checked, ‘Preserve edges’ un-checked, I’d say. This will patch the curves with a surface sharing the structure of the original.
  4. Flow from the rebuilt to the patch surface.


Pascal - thank you, that’s perfect. Now I have the result I want, and I understand how to do it again in the future. I have some ‘internet forum karma’ to pay back now!