Flow along surface, problem space or scale?


When I want to flow a pattern along a surface to create a nice flower pot, there is always a little space between the ends of the final surface. I don’t understand why, and how to fix that ?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hello - see if ShrinkTrimmedSrf on the base surface before flowing helps. If not, please post the file.


Thank you for your quick reply !
I don’t know why but… it works, thank you ! Sometimes it fits perfectly, and sometimes the junction is not very beautiful ^^

Hello - right - that may depend on the surfaces you are using for base and target surfaces - that is why I wanted an example.


Hello again Pascal ,

Your solution works for some patterns but I still have a problem. The pattern I want to apply becomes stretched on the final surface. Do you know why ?
My file here

Thank you mery much !


Hi Violette - on the target cylinder, run the Dir command and SwapUV and Enter, then try.


Thank you so much :smiley: !!!

Hello Pascal,
Me again :slight_smile: I finally managed to close the polysurface. Now I am trying to do the texture but I am having the same issue written here above. I tried already with ShrinkTrimmedSrf and the same ShrinkTrimmedSrftoEdge and I had the same results. I also tried elongating the UVCurve from the shape but it didnt work either. I attach an image so you can see and help me solve the issue.

Thank you very much!

Hi @adrialmeidameza
Use @pascal for Pascal to be notified :slight_smile:

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Hi Adriana - please post a file with the base and target surfaces, I’ll take a look. I do not need the entire project.


Texture Question.3dm (14.2 MB)

Hello Pascal,
I attach the file with the base and target surfaces as you asked. I have a feeling it is because the shell is a trimmed surface. I tried later with Squish and FlowAlongSrf, which resulted in the texture covering more of the surface I need, but deforming too much, I show what I mean in the photo below.

Thank you for your help!

Hello @pascal
I am not sure if you were not notified, but I was wondering if you could help me :slight_smile:
As I shared with the photos, I can somehow manage with the Squish option. But I dont like the extreme deformation of the texture.

Thank you!

Hi A - I would send the full untrimmed texture up onto the targert surface and then trim it in place.

Start with this:

Then trim with the blue ‘fence’… (DupBorder & Fin command - it leaves some gaps, it might work better if you untrim the surface - I’ll look at that later but you can fill the gaps with BlendSrf, that is good enough here I think)

When you FlowAlongSrf, make sure PreserveStructure=Yes, these patches are plenty dense enough already. If they were SubDs at some point, probably best to just flow the SubD and then convert and trim.

Texture Question_Maybe.3dm (10.4 MB)

@adrialmeidameza - yeah, the Fin tool works much better - no gaps - if you untrim the surface and extend it on all four sides - this ensures that the edge curve is fully inside the bondaries of the surface rather than being right on the edge of the underlying surface.


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Hello @pascal
Thank you! I am working on it now, and as usual it takes me longer :speak_no_evil:.

Im curious and was wondering if you could tell me a couple of things:

  1. From the file I sent you, how did you release the texture and worked only with a surface? Why work only with the surface?

  2. After the texture is in place how do I join them? I cant boolean union or join them, its not working. I have tried on my version and your version being it just a surface.

Thank you so much for so much enlightenment! :smiley: