Flow Along Surface Issue

Hi, everyone. I use Rhino 7 on Windows 10. I’m trying flow a texture along a cylinder surface. Texture has repeated objects. When I flow it, some repeated objects are longer and some of them are shorter. Objects which are closer to quadrant points’ dimensions are shorter than which are mid of quarter arc of cylinder’s surface.

dear @ugurmur
a cylinder / surface of revolution does not have a homogeneous nurbs-structure:
degree 2 with weights other then 1 and special knots (in the direction of revolution)
this will result in un unhomogenous distribution of the parameter - and this ist what you see with applySrf.

rebuild the surface with enough points until you get the necessary precision, then Flow Along the rebuild surface.

you can also use _unrollSrfUV and use the flat surface as base for the flow along surface.
check this forum for more info - you ll find a lot of topics that discuss it in more detail.

kind regads -tom

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see also here…

Thanks for reply, I solved the problem according to your explain, like on the image below.