Wish: Smarter "Flow along surface"

I think that the developers should make “Flow along surface” a little bit smarter, by adding an “Uniform” option. Often times the resulting outcome is quite distorted due to the uneven distribution of control points across the target surface (or the base one). While the easiest solution is to use ! _RebuildUV to convert (a copy of) the target (or base) surface into one uniform surface with evenly distributed control points, this is a rather cumbersome task that takes extra time and mouse clicks. Not to mention that many Rhino users are not aware of that little trick, hence they get frustrated from the distorted outcome and wondering what’s wrong with Rhino. :slight_smile:

As mentioned earlier, the best solution is to add a “Uniform” option that should work under the hood, i.e. calculate the expected result by using a temporary virtual representation of both, the base surface and target surface already rebuilt with very dense uniform control points (100x100 should work in most scenarios), thus eliminating the need to do that manually each time. Once the process is completed, Rhino should keep the original surface.

Rhino must be smart enough to detect extremely distorted target surfaces and automatically bump the control points of the virtual target surface to a higher number, such like 1000x1000. Or, this could be user-controlled via manual entering of the number of control points and that setting must be remembered by Rhino for the current session. But the default value when starting Rhino should be at least 50x50.

Viewport mode used in the images: Bobi X13.ini (13.8 KB)


in addition to this, i would suggest that implementing a preview checkbox would also be helpful to have an overview over the result before one keeps rebuilding and redoing the same command till it fits.

further more the outcome of FlowAlongSrf seems slightly overly dense if you dont use preserve structure, below compared to cage edit, maybe it would make sense to expose or implement a tolerance setting.

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Ditto. A “Preview” option is much needed for many Rhino tools that currently lack it entirely.

I agree totally with you: the tools should have an embedded rebuilt tool.
Number of cvs or tolerance …or maybe both. Eventually editable by the user.

Note that my proposal for a “Uniform=Yes” option is to temporarily use a rebuilt version of the original surfaces for the calculation of the “Flow along surface” command. The original surfaces should remain intact after the completion of the command.