Flow Along Surface incomplete


I have problem with command FlowAlongSrf.

I created a group of objets, that couldn’t fill the entire surface

If you watch at the surface’s edge, I had a space without objects

What do you consider I can do to solve this?

ThanksFlowAlongSrf.3dm(4.2 MB)

Jesús López

Your flat “Base” surface is trimmed. It extends beyond the visible edge. If you select it and turn on it’s control points, you’ll see the corner points are outside of the surface.

Run ShrinkTrimmedSrf on this base surface. Then it’s untrimmed edge will match it’s visible edge.
Run FlowAlongSrf again and it will not have the gap.

Thanks a lot

I ignored it, because I obtained the flat area directly from Unroll the 3D Surface and I supposed that this was exactly the same lenght

Thanks again