How to flow along Multiple Joined and trimmed surfaces?

as the title said cause this is possible in any software instead rhino as far as i know , here is an example file : Question 1.3dm (555.2 KB)

What I’ve done is make a “dummy” single-surface approximation of the area of the polysurface I want to flow onto, making sure there’s some tolerance in the flowed objects to allow for it.

You mean this isn’t possible in any software besides Rhino? 'Cause Rhino was the first app to let you flow solids onto surfaces and keep them solid. Maybe you can do some crap with meshes in something else.

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My friend can you tell me with which command we can make dummy single surface ?
because in other softwares its not needed to create that dummy surface :expressionless:

You’re in luck. In this kind of perfect case scenario, you can MergeSrf, pay attention to make Smooth = No.

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What other software are you talking about? I’m 100% certain you are not making an apples-to-apples comparison.

I would usually project a number of lines on the object and loft, which is overkill for your trivial example.

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Siemens nX ,Solid works , ZW3D , 3D max , Blender and so on :slight_smile:

Yeah, I often find when trying to do FlowAlongSrf with any hint of complexity it can begin to be a very involved design process for a piece of construction geometry. With clean / simple examples of course it’s a treat. And then something like this could also of course be done just two dimensionally, with Flow only.

@Jonathan_Hutchinson What about this ? Question 2.3dm (1.1 MB)

Yeah. This is on the other end of the scenarios :rofl:

Have you actually done this in the all the listed software?

Yeah, I see Solidworks has a “wrap sketch” function that looks pretty capable, but that’s just flowing a SKETCH, it’s for embossing text, it’s not for the gigantic array of wacky shapes people use this tech for in Rhino.

@hamed.desighn What is the reason for your question? Are you trying to solve a modeling problem? Or some other reason?

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There’ll be a solution somewhere. For this I used a Mcneel Mystery plugin. And I cheated because it’s not offset from the surface. So I offset surface then projected these objects onto that dummy surface.

As others have remarked, it depends more on what you need to achieve. Depends if it’s accuracy / watertight geometry / perfection or whatever.

Top View, hence why it looks FUNKY

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you can also use flow “Flow along curve” for both cases

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@davidcockey Im trying to solve a modeling problem
For your first question :
ZW3D is actually chipper than nx and sw

@Jonathan_Hutchinson Can you share your workflow ? cause im not using any Plugin on those softwares :slight_smile:

Dude it is time that is important

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Again what are you actually trying to do? That’s not actually precisely draped over the solid, it’s not even close, and looks like garbage.

@JimCarruthers Dude thats not important at the moment , wth ? Thats happened because the Radius of fillet is small and we have 90 deg surfaces :smirk:
the important thing it happened , “WITH POLYSURFACE” and without any plugins , and also result is TRUE depending to the input

Well, that example you’ve posted is still probably tidier than my obliteration. @vikthor 's solution is the cleanest albeit not following the double curvature.

Jim’s question is still important. Or are you only interested in which will do the job quickest pure and simple, with no needs for quality?

The plugin is over at Some V7 wishes , and is called ProjectObjects.rhp

Edit: In fact now I can’t even reproduce what I had earlier :sweat_smile:

for double curvature use FlowAlongSrf


Can we see the Loft surface and the Base Surface used?