Flow along surface distortion

Hi, I am having an issue with flowing a field of surfaces along a rotated curve surface. I have attached a rendering of the issue for clarity, the file is too large to share. The can base is the rotated curve surface in yellow. The red, teal, and white surfaces are suspended above the base surface by 0.002 inches. At the top of the can they seem to hug the rotated surface by a lesser amount resulting in this shadow effect. I know how to make a workaround to this problem but I would rather learn how to correct it.

Here is the workaround, suspended a yellow surface 0.002 below the colored surfaces and then moved the target surface once the flow command was done.

Hello - you might try making a copy of the target surface (the can) but rebuild the copy with a lot of control points - say maybe 64 each way or so - and use that rebuilt surface as the FlowAlongSrf target, then delete it.
(this is in case the inherent acceleration/deceleration of the UV space on a revolved surface is repsonsible for what you’re seeing - it’s just a guess. A densely rebuilt surface will have evenly distributed UV and match the input object’s 3d shape closely enough to be a temporary target for flowing)

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If the top area of the projected artwork is set to 0.000 and the bottom 0.002 will it work?

I just went with my workaround for now but I will need to follow Pascal’s advice for future iterations. The workaround was to set the background layer to -0.001 below the other vectors and then delete the target vector once they were flow along surfaced. I also had to scale the lid to match the slightly larger can diameter.