Floor Deflection

Hello all,
I’m relatively inexperienced with Karamba and I’ve run into a problem I cannot seem to figure out. I want to have a dynamic floor system with trusses that can be “rolled out” from either side to increase the stiffness of the floor system.

As you can see in the image above my floor system is hardly deforming at all in the middle. I expect it is because how I’ve modeled the floor system. I want the floor to be spanning between the two large end beams, shown below as the thick top and bottom blue lines (in plan).

The trusses are supposed to reduce the displacement of the floor. Any help will be much appreciated.
Thank you

Oops! I forgot to include my file for reference.
Changing Spacing.gh (64.6 KB)

Hi @jared.parker

you need to divide your mesh more in the middle segment otherwise the results are inaccurate. You can use the MeshBreps component included as part of the Karamba utilities and use the points for the truss connection as input points for the Meshing.

See the example.
Changing Spacing_mt.gh (78.6 KB)

Thank you! This is a terrific plug-in.