Karamba portal simulation


So I just started working with karamba and I made a rather simple portal simulation. I had two small questions about this simulation. The first one is why is the load on the middle floor not distributed equally? When you look at the load arrows it seems that more load is at the left side of the plate. The second question is, when you look at the deformation the columns in the middle holding the middle floor doesn’t seem to take any loads. What did I do wrong with these columns?
Hope someone can help, thanks in advance!

karamba_v1.gh (66.5 KB)

Something I spotted myself is that if forgot to divide the floor, this still doesn’t explain why the floor load isn’t distributed though

Hi, the meshload is applied according to the size of the mesh faces. You input mesh has irregular triangle faces and therefore the load distribution will not be even.

Secondly, your columns are not attached to the floorplate as the end points of the columns do not hit a mesh vertex. Please refer to Karamba3D TidBits #21 Mesh Tools - YouTube

Thank you! Mesh faces are not the same size so yes that makes sence. Will see the video, thank you.