Shell and beam connection showing odd results

Good night everyone,

Im working in the definition attached to this post, where Im connecting a CLT slab with a beam that then is is connected to a grid of columns.

However as can be seen in the screenshoot, some of this connections between the salb and the beam seem to show excesive deflection concentrated in the one point.

I followed the tutorial about connection shells and beams in the Karamaba website but I havent found yet the mistake. Can someone please take a look and help me to find if theres an error in my script.

I would really appreacite it!

270324_Gillisbuurt model Karamba (structural) (368.5 KB)

Hi, your script is so large that is is rather difficult to debug. Please simplify it so that we can look at the script

One thing to check - did you make sure that that end points of the columns are integrated into the mesh vertices of your floor slabs. This is usually the reason why the slabs deform irregularly.