Floating panel on other monitor disappear


Whenever I try to drag a floating panel to a second monitor, it just vanish immediatly after releasing the mouse button.

The panel is back on top of the main windows after a restart.

I can confirm this behaviour in most Rhino 7 versions on ventura in a MBP M1, when the second monitor is placed above the laptop screen. If the panel is dragged halfway between the two, it disappears. If it is dragged all the way to the second monitor, it tends to stay there, but not always.

Hi Colbert - thanks, I’ll see if I can repeat this.
I can.

RH-74066 Dragged panels disappear on Rhino for Mac


No problem here with R7 and floating panels. Sometimes I need to change their visibility via the menu to get them on top of the main screen but that’s all.

Thanks for the ticket Pascal, I will love to experiment further panel configurations when this is fixed :grin:

In this case, when the panel vanishes, changing its visibility via the menu has no effect (even though the panel label shows up in the menu).