Flip Window family with Flip Element Component

Hi guys, just checking in about an issue I had with the Flip Element component.
I am basically unable to make it work properly, not sure if it is a bug.I have found already a solution flipping the input curves of the wall component, inverting basically the normals.But I wonder why this component is not correctly working, does it need more inputs?

basically, some the windows are flipped,changing the Facing and some not. i post some screen shot. On the right the window is correctly flipped, but not on the left, where it is actually not shown, any idea why?

Hey @Federico_Giacomarra ,

So it is not clear if you are inputting the Boolean values, required as input to function, internally inside the component… but the below shows how the component is working on my side and hope this helps.

If you are doing the same and something is not working as expected maybe you can share a sample of the family that is not working as expected to try and assist you better.


The, H (Hand) and F (Facing), inputs refer to the Flip Controls inside the families shown below.