Revit windows orientation

Hi everyone. I’m wondering if there is a way to establish the orientation of the windows once placed within an hosting wall? (39.0 KB)

Hi, I have also had issues with this where some windows I placed are pointing to the interior, others pointing to the exterior. I had check the parameters for a variation, then use the flip component to flip the ones that were pointing to the interior.

Hi Dervirn, I think we both come from a eralier version of the program… I checked a bit further anf in the Element menu there is the FlipElemnt component and works pretty awsome

Yes. That is what I have referenced in my other post.

How were You able to check window orientation in Grasshopper?

Hey, I try try to orient all the facade in the same direction and then the point defined on them should be oreitnted in the same way.

There’s a flip parameter

Hi david, I think he might refers to how orient all the windows in the same direction…and eventually flip them. Sometimes you have windows oriented in different direction in the same script ( at least happen to me) that’s ahy i tried to check the orientation of the points…

In my rvt model I have windows all oriented to outside:

However in grasshopper some of them are oriented to the inside in the analyze isntance space:

I need to filter those lists and replace nulls to get full list of windows - and flip those that land on the other list - and I do not see any reason why? If in revit they are all flipped to outside…

Hi Mailingot, To me happened the way around from GH to Revit…anyhow sometimes when you split a surface in GH the subsurfaces have different orientation I don’t why as well. Sorry