Flip Element node doesn't return relevant data

Hey there,

I would like to pay your attention onto a next issue:

The “Flip Element” Node doesn’t return really important peace of data, whilst regular API query does. I guess it would be better if the node will return the Flipping state

Thanks for reporting, looks like a broken component.

Hi @Magda,

Here it works with a Door

Do you mind sharing a small Revit file that only contains the element you are trying to extract flipping information?


@kike Place a default desk family


I see,

The component returns nulls when the element is not flippable in certain axis.
Here a Desk, a Door and a Wall.

Desk Family is designed to not be flipped on any axis, while the Door can’t be flipped in Work Plane axis, or the wall can only be flipped Facing axis.

If you want to reinterpret nulls as False you can use ‘Replace Nulls’ component.

‘Element Location’ gives you the orientation vectors flipped acording the flip status when apply.

‘Location’ output returns a non flipped plane where the element is placed.

So the Flip Element Flacing isn’t actually getting the .FacingFlipped property unless its a directly flippable property?

Yes it returns nulls when True or False values do not apply to those properties.

Those elements are not flipped nor unflipped. Think for instance on a terrain or a Door related to its Work Plane where flipping status doesn’t apply.

Also enables this kind of setup, you can connect the output to the input without worring if flipping applies or not. Since not-applicable are represented as nulls you can plug those nulls in the next component without having to think much.